Friday, April 28, 2017

Richard Quest Has A Lot of Nice Things To Say About Nigeria (Photos, Tweets)

Richard Quest Has Been Buzzing in Nigeria Since He Came in. Richard Quest Says He is in Nigeria for One Week of Filming and Doing "Quest Means Business" Read Some Of His Tweets Below:

  1. The youth of Nigeria are the country's secret weapon. I've been impressed with the young people I've met here.
  2. I went to and I was ilsurrounded by ppl half my age, dedicated, intelligent, ambitious. All women. Asked fearsome questions.
  3. There's no shortage of entrepreneurs in Nigeria. No shortage of drive or ambition. People are succeeding inspite of govt not because of it.
  4. I thought Phillipines were bad for selfies but my God, Nigerians put them to shame! Never seen so many smartphones!
  5. Richard Quest Retweeted Ibrahim
    Very clever...
    Richard Quest added,
  6. Great to meet , one of our winners who watched the live taping of show tonight.

  7. You need to be in LAGOS!!! We ain't bringing you here.. for those who want to come along Thursday or Friday.
  8. We are inviting 3 people In Lagos to come and watch Quest Means Business LIVE. Tweet me why it should be YOU!
  9. So would you like to come to watch Quest Means Business live in Lagos? Best reply on why U should be invited. 3 people invited. No appeal.
  10. Jollof Rice. Delicious. Ghana or Nigeria? Which is best? I ain't getting involved in the
  11. How do I look in my outfit from ? Impressed by Nigeria's cultural heritage and art.
  12. A lot of work to be done. Size of challenge feels overwhelming but got to start somewhere.
  13. NOW seeing the real Lagos. Wonderful to be out meeting Nigerians. I've been overwhelmed with the friendliness.

  14. Busy filming around Lagos today. I'll be tweeting my early thoughts on being back in Nigeria after 10 years away...
  15. Good morning from . Here for a week of filming and doing Quest Means Business. Great being back in africa

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