Monday, May 15, 2017

Watch Mercy Aigbe's Interview; Says Husband Beats Her!

In this tear-filled interview, Mercy remains inconsolable and sad that her seven year marriage is headed for the rocks. However,she firmly believes it is better for one to lose her marriage than gamble with the gift of life while trying to keep up appearances. Mercy Aigbe is a convert. Yes. A convert to the cause to say 'NO' to all forms of domestic violence in Nigeria.In her own words,she intoned,‘I thought I was going to die during the last round of beating he subjected me to.’ The traumatic experience still brings palpable fear to her eyes as she narrates the events. Not one soul in the office of BROADWAY TV was left without a tearful eye after the interview.
It was obvious after the interview that she had been doing a lot of cover-up, served us false 'couple’s goals' slogans for years and has a lot of sorting out to do (legal, medical and professionally.)

INTERVIEW: Samuel Olatunji (_samuelolatunji, @samuel olatunji)
CAMERA: Moshood Ogundipe
EDITOR: Moshood Ogundipe
DIRECTOR: Samuel Olatunji

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