Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Read My Blog Success Story

Finally, I got my first Google Adsense Payment from this blog you are reading from. How did I start blogging? I did not just decide to open a blog just like that. Well, it was back in year 2010 when the South East State Universities went on Six Months Compulsory strike. I was in a cyber café browsing when I first came in contact with the word “Blog”. I did not even know about Linda Ikeji’s Blog then. Browsing further, I said let me just open one. Then I signed up for my first gmail account i.e nzewine@gmail.com. I also created a blog nzewine.blogspot.com. Then After a few weeks, I applied for Google Adsense. I was accepted. Then there were just very few blogs. I continued blogging daily, posting about news, celebrity gist, etc

One day, I got an email that my google Adsense account has been disabled. I was shocked but that did not stop me. I hurriedly created another Gmail Account. Then I created this blog you are reading from. Mind you, I was blogging from a cyber café. I kept going. After some more quality posts on this blog, I applied for Google Adsense and I was approved. I continued blogging from a cyber café. Then I linked the Google Adsense Ads to my old blog, it worked. I continued deceiving myself (lol). I even got job offers from Chizys Spyware Blog, now Glam Africa Magazine UK. But because I couldn’t keep up with posting from a cyber café, I lost it. I also got a blogger job to post on Charles Novia’s Blog (The Nollywood Actor and director) I ran away! (LOL) Maybe I couldn’t handle the STARDOM! (BIG GRIN). I was told to visit him at his office in surulere I did not go. All these happened before I went for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

How Did I Keep Up With Updating The Blog?
I continued Blogging with my Nokia C1, How? I Used Mail to Blogger to Update my blog. Sometimes I would post without pictures, Just to make sure that I posted something for the day. Then I upgraded to Blackberry  Curve 3. You see, if you are broke, You are Broke! After my NYSC I got a part time kinda job where I was paid N10,000 Per Month as a Social Media Manager at Sisco Media Limited Located in Surulere.  You know as N10k take be, No savings! But I managed to get an Android Tablet For N15,000 From Konga. I used this android Tablet for like three years until I got a laptop. Then with the Laptop, I used my Wi-Fi Hotspot to get internet connection until I got a universal modem.

Sometime last year, I had gotten to the $100 Google Adsense Treshold. I deleted two of my non – functioning blogs. Then Google Adsense Webmasters Removed a Whooping $5.00 for Invalid Clicks! You know that feeling when you are expecting money and all of a sudden, the money is cut short by something. That’s how I felt. But that did not stop me. I persistently continued blogging and got a universal modem. All these while I had never done any form of Adverts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc  Because I was broke! I always used my last card to buy data.

In May 2017, I got to the $100 Google Adsense Threshold Again and waited for June 21st 2017 to get paid. When later I received a bank Alert from my bank, I was Soooo Happy! Finally!!
I knew many other ways of making money online- Affiliate Marketing, etc But I just decided to concentrate on this one. Not to forget that anytime I prayed, I used my blog as a prayer point! Yes, talk to God about your blog, your business. You Will Surely make it with Persistence, Passion and Prayers. Other Things Become secondary!

These days I  see young girls giving themselves to men just because of money. It Shouldn’t be! I can proudly say that no Man has given me cash (except my dad ) lol. Anytime I asked people turn me down, so no need of asking (lolz)

So if you run a blog and you are getting tired of it, you can take a break from it but don’t dump or forget it. I like this job because I learn a lot from it, I Visit Whenever I want to go , I attend NEC Conference (Nigerian Entertainment Conference) every year, The Platform, The Experience, Social Media Week, etc . Oh! Blogging has already made me a star amongst my peers! I also meet with fellow bloggers! Gone are the days when you have the 9-5 job Everyday slaving yourself. You can start up blogging about the products you sell too! Your friends tell their friends and you make money. Let Me stop here for Now 

Thank You for Reading This Success Story of Mine! Your Miracle is On the Way! Stay Blessed 

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