Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Uche Maduagwu Tells Freeze - You are Not God!!

You are not God @daddyfreeze Stop pulling down Gods chosen vessels... I read what you wrote about "hallelujah challenge", and i felt like crying,😭 why is it that Nigerians are always envious of their fellow brothers? Is it not the same God we all serve?⛪ @nathanielblow is a powerful worship singer, and a dear friend, @cnn will not feature you on their news channel if you are not a great person, don't tell me your jealous of Gods anointing on this young man, are you? For the records, "hallelujah challenge" has never been a celebrity screenshot challenge, neither has it ever been an "unverifiable testimony challenge", I don't know which planet you live in Sir, but you just got it wrong this time... I respect you a lot, and i will always be respectful to my elders, but @nathanielblow has helped more Nigerian's than your "free the sheeple movement" ever did. #repost #share #blog #post #naija #regrann

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