Monday, July 10, 2017

Aunty Kemi O-Olunloyo Visit Port Harcourt Prison

According to Aunty KOO,

Good Afternoon from Port Harcourt. Heading to the prison to visit IPOB members and my grandchild. Ruth is my prison pickin. She is a child trafficking inmate. I babysat her newborn in prison. My grandson is now 6 weeks old. I am looking for ways to advocate belle baby factory cases out of capital offenses. We have at least 10 children in prison including 4 newborns. I'm taking bags of provisions, diapers and cash to Ruth but cash to others. People visited me with cash gifts too especially celebrities and my biggest fan on IG @drews_african_barbie who came 5 times. I must give back to the community.


UPDATE: My visit was great. I saw Ruth and the baby, and my elderly mom #MamaOwerri even Loretta my other daughter. Continue praying for their release. I also gave cash to some of the militants and IPOB boys. Finally I paid a courtesy visit upstairs to Deputy Controller of prisons Oga Omu who does an absolutely good job running #PHMax and ensuring that the inmates welfare and the staff that take care of them are top priority. #PHMax is a correctional facility and not a "punishment" facility. I was known there as #MummyK by the inmates.
Our prisons need reform and I hope when my hearings begin at the Senate, the government can listen to the needs of it's own system. Read more in my upcoming book #StraightOuttaPHMax

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