Monday, July 3, 2017

Tonto Dikeh Write on The Effect of Prayers

The effects of Prayers;
1; Prayer doesn't make you powerful, it's only makes tremendous power available for us.
2; Those who pray, the devil cannot make them his prey.
3; The more you pray, the more you want to pray.
4; Prayer makes heaven familiar with your voice, when you speak, heaven responds.
5; You may not take that business, breakthrough unless you have taken it in prayers.
6; Prayers is not a sign of weakness but absolute trust in your maker.
7; Those who stay in prayers carry an atmosphere where they go
8; Prayers accesses Gods Presence, Gods presence makes mountains melt
9; Those who seek God before they seek men will have answers faster than those who seek men before seeking God
10; Prayer is not a religious virtue, it's a spiritual venture
11; If Jesus who is God, prayed on Earth, Men should pray without condition
12; God doesn't interfere in the affairs of men, He only intervenes.
13; What an invite is to a wedding is what prayer is to God.
Let's make time out and stand in the place of prayers together, Peace and God bless- @pasta_paul

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